How I switched from dual-monitor setup

Intro I’ve been using dual-monitor setup for many years, but at one fall night I suddenly decided to use only one. I usually change things and my setup is not an exception. Some conditions for two monitors: user – a designer, that’s why one monitor is for photoshop, another one is for tutorial videos. user – a movie-maker, that’s why one monitor is for Sony Vegas, another one is for tutorial videos :)....

27.10.2021 · 3 min

Social networks

I had only 4 weeks until the next semester of studying, so I decided that it is a great time to relax. Where it has started Studying in a university is very stressful, especially when you are an admin of your study group. Annoying notifications from social networks of your university, but only 1 of 10 can be useful. You receive calls from students’ office, when they could just send you email instead....

02.05.2021 · 4 min

The very beginning

I have no idea why I created this thing, but I have my blog on website for now. I can post images here! Insert emojis: 🇸🇪 & 🚀! I can also insert links and code blocks: print("hello world!") and math: Inline: \(\varphi = \dfrac{1+\sqrt5}{2}= 1.6180339887…\) Block: $$ \varphi = 1+\frac{1} {1+\frac{1} {1+\frac{1} {1+\cdots} } } $$

01.05.2021 · 1 min