I’ve been using dual-monitor setup for many years, but at one fall night I suddenly decided to use only one. I usually change things and my setup is not an exception.

Some conditions for two monitors:

  • user – a designer, that’s why one monitor is for photoshop, another one is for tutorial videos.
  • user – a movie-maker, that’s why one monitor is for Sony Vegas, another one is for tutorial videos :).
  • user – a streamer, that’s why one monitor is for gaming, another one is for OBS and a chat window.
  • user – a developer, that’s why one monitor is IDE, another one is for documentation.

Dual-monitor setup

There are some problems with dual-monitor setup:

  • Different screen temperatures == different colors. Manual setup is not always a solution. Either I’m stupid or I just have no idea what numbers I have to set.
  • Dry eyes and pain in a neck. Most of the time I was using the left monitor as a main why, that’s why my head was turning to the left. So, a neck gets exhausted. Eyes are also very tired when you track information from two 27-inch screens at the same time.
  • Sometimes monitors get shut down and coolers on the GPU get speed up to the maximum. I realized that the problem was in a power supply, but still there was never such a problem with one monitor, because the load is less.
  • With two monitors it is rather awkward to manage virtual desktops.

But there are some pros:

  • They look amazing!
  • You can connect a second computer nearby and not switch between display modes on the monitor (raspberry pi, macbook, something else …).
  • Full screen movie on a second monitor is much better than picture-in-picture.

One-monitor setup

The real reasons to switch to one monitor were not the ones above, but these were:

  • Lots of wires! The stand that held both monitors went over the wire basket mounts, that’s why the basket could not be installed and the cable management was not possible. And two separate stands for each monitor took up a lot of space on the table.
  • It’s hard to cover kilometers of distance both with a cursor and eyes using two monitors.
  • Going back to one monitor is a bit cheaper than to buy a new power supply.

Now I work with one monitor:

  • Desktop looks much cleaner and more minimalistic now.
  • I started using more virtual desktops.
  • I placed the wire basket and hid the wires there, I no longer have to lift them when I do cleaning.
  • How it is COMFORTABLE to look with your eyes only at one monitor.