I had only 4 weeks until the next semester of studying, so I decided that it is a great time to relax.

Where it has started

Studying in a university is very stressful, especially when you are an admin of your study group. Annoying notifications from social networks of your university, but only 1 of 10 can be useful. You receive calls from students’ office, when they could just send you email instead. Silly questions from your colleagues and other ‘funny’ stuff.

I got rid of an every social network app on my phone. Logged out from them on my desktop computer. An only thing I left was a messenger, a loved one, Telegram, just to call my closest friends and relatives. But I also turned all notifications off.

Time saver

First days felt a bit weird. At the morning I wanted to scroll Instagram’s feed, but I found out I deleted it. If there is no Instagram, why not to spend my time in a different way. So I did.

Looking into the past, I could surf Instagram for a couple of hours a day, not call or text anyone. It is an only one application I am talking about. What if we combine Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Turns out it is almost a third or maybe a half of a day wasted nowhere.

So I saved a great amount of time by deleting social networks in order to do some useful and enjoyable activities.

Lack of stress and anxiety

However, a spare time is not an only thing you can refuse using social networks for. Notifications pisses me of so much! I strongly dislike a sound when a message comes or these notifications icons you try to remove as fast as you can.

I usually solve the problem turning notifications off, but there things get more complicated. If I just shut sounds down, I worry about information I can miss. So, it turns out I check my phone even more often, than before, thinking “What if something happened? What if something important?”

Luckily now I understand, that it was just a mistake or a kind of self-deception. If really important thing happens, I will be aware of it from my friends or relatives (nobody cancelled urgent calls).

And looking for this “important” yourself is a waste of energy and effort.

That is why the best solution is not just to turn notifications off, but delete your apps permanently.

Looking ahead, I will say that in a month without social networks, nothing important that I could have missed happened.

What about Netflix?

We have a spare time, and we are full of energy. Now we need use this time for something and direct our energy to this “something”. Playing computer games, watching TV series or movies is not the case, because it is essentially the same thing as surfing social networks.

It is kinda hard to overcome yourself and continue finishing your tasks, but that’s the whole point of getting rid of social media. You start finding motivation. And procrastination is a great indicator of this. If you want to watch a video on YouTube, you are definitely doing something wrong. But, given that there is a ban on social networks, and it is undesirable to replace them with “Netflix”, then you catch yourself by the hand and really start to focus on studying, your friends and even health.

Final one

In conclusion, I would like to say that I will definitely arrange for myself such a detox from social networks several times a year and from gadgets if possible. Everything that I have said is rather trivial, but it ceases to be so until the moment you hear about it so often that you cannot help but put into practice.

However, do as you please. I do not care. :D